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File: 1363996462155.jpg -(970022 B, 2592x1944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
970022 No.58   [Reply]

Hello guise, i just got SKSV, could some one guide me on where to start? i plan to platinum the game on US account, then go to play online with my JP one.

Is there any translations for game modes?

which girl should i start?

Any tips will be appreciated


>> No.60  

Menu translation/guide:

Trophy list:

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File: 1363837529154.jpg -(107753 B, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
107753 No.56   [Reply]

Anyone know where I can pick up Shinovi Versus? I missed the launch, and now Play-Asia and AmiAmi are both sold out.

>> No.57  

Try superufo

>> No.59  
File: 1364062179370.jpg -(66665 B, 500x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm impressed that this game has moved as quickly as it has. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but still.

>> No.61  

It looks like YesAsia has the standard version in stock if you haven't found it somewhere else already. It's also not as grossly overpriced as PlayAsia.

>> No.64  

Ended up getting it from superufo, came to under $65 including shipping. Is this a typical price for Honk Kong imports?

>> No.65  

That's actually less than I paid for a HK version at launch, although in general it just seems like this game has been overpriced compared to other imports. (I got the HK version of Project Diva f for under $55 shipped)

File: 1363042607949.jpg -(176400 B, 1200x918) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
176400 No.8   [Reply]

Now that there's a Senran Kagura game out for a non-region locked system, I imagine this series will be getting a lot more attention. What I'm curious about is whether importation and hype outside Japan could cause this game to get officially localized.

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>> No.14  
>I don't see how Shinovi Versus changes the situation any.

Well for one thing, a significant number of people are now paying to import the Vita SK game. (If you look at import sites like Amiami and Playasia you'll see that it's sold out.) Nobody imported the 3DS version because nobody wants to pay $200 for a Japanese region locked 3DS, but people will pay $70 to import a single game. Online petitions like the one for Senran Kagura Burst basically mean nothing. Import sites moving lots of units means people are actually willing to spend money on this, giving a bigger incentive for localization. Also, because SK has story content and online multiplayer (you can switch your Vita to Japanese account to play online but it's a pain) XSEED can assume that most importers will buy the game if/when it is localized. Especially since you can count on the people who were willing to buy it once for $70 will buy it again for $40. (I know that I would double dip if it were ever localized.) So basically XSEED now has numbers to make a localization job more justifiable.

>> No.20  

If XSEED really wants to make money from Senran Kagura, they'll do it when the hype is at a peak and they can release the 3DS game, Vita game, and an anime dub simultaneously, and they'll do it a month before another big game release. I think a localization makes more sense when they have more media to release. May not be what people want but that's the way business works.

>> No.23  

This makes absolutely no sense. Why would they want to launch everything simultaneously? Better to release a trickle of content so they can ensure everyone is on board for each release. If everything comes out at the same time people will only buy one or two products and have less a chance of buying everything.

>> No.27  

Because Burst, Shinovi Versus, and the anime series are all different types of products that appeal to different types of consumers that all tie into a single franchise. The purchase groups are segregated (except for the people who own a 3DS and a Vita and are also into buying anime DVDs) but they all fuel discussion on the same subject which helps to build hype. And the best time to build hype is when a new product is on the horizon.

>> No.28  
>Better to release a trickle of content so they can ensure everyone is on board for each release.

Not everyone who gets SKB is going to buy SV because not everyone owns two (relatively new) handhelds, so their risk of cannibalizing their own customerbase is pretty small. And I'm guessing that the people who were willing to shell out to buy both a 3DS and a Vita when the Vita is not even a year old are the same kind of people who are willing to buy two games at around the same time. It's not like people spend money on vidya at a regular pace; you have long periods of draught and then have a month where half a dozen games come out at once. There's a reason that most AAA releases are released around the end of the year.

>> No.48  
File: 1363296401015.png -(32094 B, 464x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Localization basically been confirmed already guys, no need to fight about it. Just be patient.

>> No.49  
File: 1363306011271.jpg -(101077 B, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>mfw Takaki meant the localization of the anime series
>> No.54  

Oh shit, Funimation is actually localizing the anime. I wonder how that will go.

>> No.55  

Knowing Funi, these will happen:
1 - Kiriya sensei will be voiced by Johnny Young Bosch.
2 - all of the girls will be voiced by whoever has replaced Amanda Winn Lee as the voice of every female (assuming she's even been replaced. I haven't bought anime since ADV was still around).
3 - Katsuragi's molestation will be edited to have her say she's running breast cancer checks on everyone.
4 - Hanzou will have dialogue implying SK is somehow tied to Naruto.
5 - in a 4Kids moment, futomaki will be replaced with hot dogs.

>> No.63  
>in a 4Kids moment, futomaki will be replaced with hot dogs.

That sounds exactly 4kids, and yet at the exact same time the opposite of the direction 4kids would move in.

File: 1363044524296.png -(708842 B, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
708842 No.9   [Reply]

Anime thread? Anime thread.

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>> No.18  
File: 1363116558472.png -(944855 B, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

doing lewd things

>> No.22  

Is the show actually any good? Haven't bothered to check out any of the winter shows and I figured senran kagura would be one of the more mediocre of the bunch but I honestly haven't seen anything else that seems interesting.

>> No.25  

Depends on the fairly obvious question of whether you want mindless ecchi, which I think you already know the answer to. It should be obvious why this show exists.

>> No.26  

It's actually really bad. For a show that's just supposed to be action and ecchi, the action sure isn't very good, and it takes itself way too seriously to be what it should have been, which is a fun and lighthearted romp. That being said, it's a bad season, so if you must watch something from this winter, you could do worse, but you could do a lot better.

>> No.42  


this. i feel like the show could have had a lot more room for comedy and stuff like that, but overall it's just so boring. Ikaruga and Katsuragi kinda make up for the boring parts, but overall it could have been much much much more entertaining

>> No.43  

Curious, how far did you guys actually watch into the show? I've been keeping up with it so far (just watched episode 9) and while it's a good deal darker than I would have predicted, it's actually gotten a lot more serious than I expected, which IMO is a GOOD thing.

>> No.46  

Seems to me that people who complain the show is too dark have never played the games. I bought Shinovi Versus expecting something happy go lucky, and I got Berserk: Ninja Titty Monster Edition.

>> No.47  

Absolutely, the tone of the show completely fits with the lore that has been established in the game. I think a lot of people observing SK from the outside seem to draw conclusions about it simply based on the marketing and presentation.

>> No.53  
File: 1363389889138.jpg -(27712 B, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hibari was like my favorite character going into this show. Just finished episode 8, now I'm not even sure if I want to keep watching this show.

>> No.62  
File: 1364157164604.jpg -(35241 B, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This fucking show.

I'm actually curious to see how they'll wrap this up. (Still waiting for a subbed version of the final episode.)

File: 1363284578977.jpg -(862937 B, 2720x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
862937 No.45   [Reply]

Well, might as well post this here. I decided to make a compilation of all the bras (lottery + default ones) in all the styles (see image), since a certain other picture only had the lottery ones in the standard style.

I'll upload the raw screenshots here: http://www.mediafire.com/?16jijk2tk5d3n, and eventually convert them into charts, one for each style. So far I'm up to #36 for both the band-aid and regular styles, but I should be finishing them up today.

>> No.51  
File: 1363336045968.jpg -(141107 B, 960x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, I've finished taking the screenshots and uploaded them all to the mediafire link. I'll get around to making them into various charts one day, but not any time soon.

>> No.52  

Cool, thanks for the contribution.

File: 1363046199476.jpg -(136994 B, 600x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
136994 No.11   [Reply]

After spending several hours in multiplayer, Homura really stands out as the best of the bunch. Not so much in an "OMG OP PLZ NERF" way because she's a pretty well-rounded character, but just the way that she's good at pretty much everything, she has good speed with decent durability and decent dash and is absolutely brutal at close range. Am I right in assuming that Homura is basically the Ryu of this game, or do I just need to get better? Intuition would suggest that the fast characters like Murakumo and Hikage would be the best just due to how easily they can pick off kills, but I just find myself dying too much (could just be that I suck, though).

3 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.30  

Miyabi is much better actually

>> No.31  

I think you can play offline mode with bots to unlock the multiplayer trophies for non-Japanese accounts (so platinum is possible) but actually connecting to online requires the online pass which will only activate on a Japanese account (or a HK account if you bought the HK version)

>> No.32  

In the tierlist I saw she got put near the bottom. For what it's worth.

I don't pretend to be good either.

>> No.37  

Anyone have a link to a Japanese tier list?

Actually now that I think about it, that statement is a bit nonsensical since the Japanese have had the game exactly as long as westerners have because we're all playing imported Japanese copies. But still, I'd trust a consensus of several thousand Japanese players over a dozen people posting on an English-speaking message board.

>> No.38  

But the best tier list in games come from a single source. That's been true for pretty much every fighting game.

>> No.39  

Most fighting game tier lists are designed to evaluate characters based on their performance at high levels of play, and hence mostly come down to a discussion of who has the highest skill cap. For that, having a small group of people who make tier lists makes sense since only a small number of people actually experience the game at high levels of play.

But what I find more useful is a more rounded perspective because I don't intend to devote lots of time to mastering the game. A consensus of many average players may not be more "valid" than a single high-level players, but it's more useful to me personally. Plus, the game just came out, so we don't really have any way of knowing who's actually good and who's a scrub.

I actually prefer the Japanese method of making tier lists which (at least back in the SSBM era when I actually played fighting games) was based solely on tournament reults

>> No.40  

The one I saw posted he at least admitted that it is subject to change as he plays and understands more. It is just legitimately one person's opinion, which I do like.

>> No.41  
File: 1363234465807.jpg -(155185 B, 960x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

figured i'd post the room info here too if anyone wants to play online together with other anons.
psn: GodOfBeansprout
password: sv

>> No.50  

Was that before or after the 1.01 patch?

>> No.88  


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